Acquisitions+ Growth

upcoming Webinar
Feb 25th

04.30pm–5.30pm PST


In this webinar, we’ll reveal three of our key strategies for being able to successfully leverage data, technology and external financing to assist with your next business acquisition, without taking on massive personal debt or wasting valuable time. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • our agile method for closing business acquisition deals, the same way tech companies rapidly build new features for products
  • how to make sourcing quality deal and investor opportunities as easy as accepting calendar invites
  • how to keep the whole process painless by gaining access to an accredited network of experts who are ready to join your team

Who Is Rich Sanchez:

Rich Sanchez has worked in Technology for over 10 years, managing Product, Software Engineering, Design and Marketing teams to build and launch multimillion dollar digital experiences alongside digital agencies, startups and Fortune 50 companies (including: Disney, Google, Johnson & Johnson).
After developing a deeper appreciation for his dyslexic mind, he pivoted his pursuit towards creating repeatable advantages for more people to proudly think like a dyslexic so that more problems can be solved exponentially different from the competition.
Today, Rich raises and invests millions in capital funding for Private Equity deals while also consulting business leaders with how to own and grow multimillion dollar product lines through acquisitions and technology enabled solutions in order to positively impact people around the world.
Feb 25th

04.30pm–5.30pm PST