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We are a small, integrated, high-caliber team. We bring differentiated domain knowledge, access, thoughtful deliberation and company building to the companies we work with.

Chief Executive Officer

Rich Sanchez

Rich Sanchez has worked in Technology for over 15 years, managing Product, Software Engineering, Design and Marketing teams to build multimillion dollar digital experiences alongside digital agencies, startups and Fortune 50 companies (including: Disney, Google, Johnson & Johnson).

Chief of Staff

Nina Sanchez

For the past 15 years, Nina has worked in technology as Head of Delivery and Service Improvement.  She has successfully led  projects and initiatives across multiple years and multiple operations functions for teams at Fortune 50 companies. 

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Meet our team of functional specialists who provide critical support to help our investors, founders and product teams with accelerating quickly.

Garrick Reevs

Rick Krebs

Simeon Vance

James Hoffman

David Sherwood